IL Conceal Carry

Our training is designed to accommodate the new shooter and novice, while still providing benefits to experienced shooters. Our Illinois Concealed Carry  (CCL1 & CCL2) course fulfills the of the 16 hour training requirement for IL Conceal Carry applicants. The IL CCL 2 course is designed for those that qualify for 8 hours of prior training credit.


USCCA Certified Instructors

Illinois was the last to join the ranks of the other 49 states with the implementation of Conceal Carry in IL.  The Illinois State Police issued the first FCCL (Firearm Concealed Carry License) in March of 2014. We are here to assist you with obtaining an IL Concealed Carry License. Our training certificate can be used to apply for a Florida CCW permit as well, which would permit you to legally carry in 35 states total.


Located in O'Fallon, IL